Serospin Centrifuge
With a quality like no other, this provides a state of the art machine used for blood banks and clinical laboratories. This centrifuge allows for the basic test procedures, such
as blood typing, manual cell washing, cross-matching, genotyping, Coombs testing, and Anti-Rh titers to be simplified and manageable.
Some safety features include:
• Will not spin while lid is open
• Will lock the lid automatically once it is closed
• Impedes the opening of lid until rotor comes to a complete stop
General Features
The Serospin Centrifuge is a variable speed unit manufactured to give users flexibility of
operation for multiple procedures. Some of the features are:
• A safety lock that activates when the lid is closed
• A cycle alarm informing the user of when a cycle is done
• Precise timing of cycles with a digital timer
• Maximum of 99 minutes allowed in digital timer, or option of continuous operation
when selected “0”
• Unique 3 brake mode which allows user to stop a cycle in 3 decelerating modes
• Programmable input of up to 10 programs to facilitate its use in a lab with multiple
• Manual switch to open lid in case of power outage.
• 12-place centrifuge rotor, Catalog No. KS-SORO-75

Serospin Centrifuge

  • Specifications

    Max. Speed 3400 rpm
    Max. RCF 1,020 x g
    Max. Capacity 75 ml x 12 slide
    Timer 99 Minutes 59 seconds
    Acceleration/ Deceleration 3 steps (Positive Action Break System)
    Programs 10 memory
    Display Digital type
    Speed, Time, Program, Breaking Steps
    Power Requirement Single Phase, 110V/60Hz
    Dimension (W x D x H) 270W x 355D x 280H mm
    Weight 11kg

    Order Information

    Description Catalog #
    Serospin centrifuge KS-Serospin
    12-place Rotor KS-SERO-75





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