Swift M15 series biological lab microscopes are perfect for advanced studies and professional applications. The Infinity Corrected optics provide clarity and crispness for images.
Body: Binocular or trinocular Siedentopf head is inclined 45 degrees and rotatable 360 degrees for ergonomic viewing. Ergonomic carrying handle promotes proper handling. Quality manufacturing and all-metal interal parts. Swift microscope is finished in acid and reagent resistant epoxy-ester resin for long-lasting durability.
Objective Lenses: DIN standard Infinity Corrected objective lenses are parfocaled and parcentered. The 40x and 100x objectives are spring-loaded and sealed to protect optics from contact damage. Objectives are secured in a rotatable inward-facing reversed nosepiece for easy magnification change. Objectives include:
Infinity Corrected Plan Achromat Objectives: 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x (oil)
Eyepieces: Widefield 10x eyepiece with an 20mm field of view. Eyepiece includes a Pointmaster graduated eyepiece scale for measuring specimens.

M15 Series Binocular Compound Microscope

  • Total Magnification: 40x, 100x, 400x, 1000x.
    Specimen Stage: Includes built-in mechanical stage with smooth-moving, low-drive, coaxial controls for ease of use.
    Condenser: Abbe NA 1.25 condenser, rack and pinion, with iris diaphragm to increase contrast for a sharp, crisp image.
    Focusing: Coaxial coarse and fine focusing allows fine-tuned focusing. Slip clutch protects against over-focusing.
    Illumination: Corded microscope with cord holder for easy cord containment. Variable intensity LED illuminator provides long-lasting bright and cool light.
    Size and Weight: 16" high, 15 lbs.
    Warranty: Swift Optical Limited Lifetime Warranty covers defective parts and workmanship for the life of the instrument. Electrical components are covered for three years.





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