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For I did not come here to be served but to serve...

After 3 years of research experience in Miami Heart Institute and over 20 years of sales, Kyrios-Soter Scientific has been serving our customers with all their laboratory, medical, and scientific needs. We sell locally in South Florida and the rest of the USA as well as the Caribbean and Latin America regions.

​As a family business, we value relationships and professional services. We thank God for the flexibility this allows us in finding solutions in a timely matter, no matter the circumstance.

​Whether you are an end user, small laboratory, or a large hospital provider, we are excited to work with you to provide quality products at a reasonable price.

Now, we are a certified Minority Business provider of the State of Florida, certified as a Small, Women, and Hispanic American Business. Also certified as providers to Miami-Dade County Schools, and UM and FIU Approved Vendor.

Franco Arias & Cecilia Arias

What People say about us

Their professionalism, work ethic, and commitment to quality customer service.

- Ed A.

Review for Kool-Lab for Kids Class at Kyrios-Soter Scientific—This is a very pleasant, low-key peaceful atmosphere for your child to learn. The staff are great. They are organized with the materials and keep it moving so the kids go through several topics in each 2 Hour class. My favorite things that my son got to do were the “Density Experiment” (wearing a lab coat and using a beaker and creating a ‘lava lamp’), and the “Engineering Principles- Energy at Work” (building a mini catapault).

- Trina B. A. 

Soy la Dra Gloria V. propietaria y Regente del Laboratorio CENTRO DE VIDA en Honduras. Por muchos años he tenido la dicha de contar con KYRIOS -SOTER-SCIENTIFIC en la ciudad de Miami. He tenido contacto directo con su gerente el Sr. Franco Arias y su esposa la Sra. Cecilia Arias, he recibido por parte de ellos un gran apoyo al proveerme los equipos para mi laboratorio con una gran calidad y excelentes precios. Además he recibido asesoramiento cuando lo he necesitado. Agradezco mucho su valiosa amistad y su buen profesionalismo. Que Dios los bendiga siempre y continúen apoyando a quien lo necesite. Muchas gracias don Franco y Sra. Cecilia, y que Dios siga bendiciendo los éxitos de KYRIOS-SOTER-SCIENTIFIC.

- Gloria V.

Gracias por una pronta atención con mi orden de mascarillas y también por la indicación de como se
usan. Es mi primera vez, y cualquier consulta, se que se las pediré de nuevo. ¡Gracias!

-Roberto P.





​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​TEL:   305-254-0676

FAX:   786-269-2235​​

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